Suresh Chitturi

Suresh Chitturi, Vice Chairman & MD,
provides strategic direction to the organisation. His experience of being part of the group with wide ranging interests and strong analytical and strategic and networking skills gives him the wherewithal and drive to pursue new opportunities of expanding the group’s activities to challenging and profitable business areas.

Dr Krishna Reddy

Dr. T. Krishna Reddy is Director & CEO of Feed Business. He has been on the board of the company since May, 1993. He is also the CEO of the feed plant of Srinivasa Farms Pvt. Ltd. He holds a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science from A.P. Agricultural University, and a Doctorate from Kansas State University, USA. He is responsible for Technical Services to farmers and guides them in project planning and reports, poultry nutrition, economical feed formulations, etc.

Ganesh Uppala

Ganesh Uppala is the Director Finance of Srinivasa Farms. He has over thirty years of experience in both strategic as well as operational aspects of management. Has been associated with the company for the last 25 years and in his current leadership role is responsible for Finance, Accounts, Legal, Taxation and Asset Management. Ganesh is a Qualified Chartered Accountant.

Archana Naidu

The Chief People Officer, Archana Naidu develops and builds out multiple key initiatives and programs that are aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. She serves as a Senior Advisor and confidant to the Managing Director, and, an advisor to the executive leadership team and others on all aspects of their business and talent management platform. Archana is a certified
Business Coach from ICF.

Venkat Rao

Venkat Rao is “Chief Possibility Officer” at the firm. He is an Active PMP with over 26 years of experience in Logistics, People Management, Customer Support, Supply Chain, Project Management, Operations, Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management, Escalation Management. His Passion is Creating Leaders and empowering teams in fulfilling the vision of the organization.

The Management of Srinivasa has the support of specific committees that assist in making the strategic decisions for the business.

identifies and addresses critical issues that pose risks or may have a material impact on the company. It also has the responsibility to recommend and monitor the implementation of policies and strategies related to business sustainability.

Its mission is to analyse standards, corporate rules, disclosure processes and transparency of financial statements. In addition, it is responsible for assessing the performance of internal control systems as well as internal and external audits.

It assists the Board of Directors and the Statutory Board in analysing the effects of the economic scenario on Srinivasa’s financial policy. To this end, it develops scenarios and trends to assess risks and create strategic opportunities to be adopted by the company in relation to financial policy, as well as improving rules and procedures for controlling and managing market and credit risks in order to reduce the risk of Price fluctuation and generate stakeholder value.

It proposes criteria for performance evaluation, remuneration policy and the practice of meritocracy at all hierarchical levels of Srinivasa.

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