Partnerships and Technical services

Partnerships and Technical services


One of the policies of the company is to partner with our stakeholder communities and help them grow with us. As part of that, consultancy services and training support is provided to all poultry related stakeholders such as poultry farmers, breeders and marketers. As part of our policy, this training is usually provided free to all our customer farmers.

Srinivasa Hatcheries has been actively involved into this and has created a strong and well trained community of poultry farmers which keeps growing. The trust that we have gained from the farmers through this endeavour is unique and gratifying and has substantially enhanced our profile.

The potential of poultry breeding is truly immense and it is our earnest intent that agriculturists comprehend the scope of this business and actively venture into it and profit adequately as the market for chicken and poultry products grows bigger each year. We believe that it is essential that even illiterate poultry farmers are kept updated with the latest trends in the business and understand constantly changing threats and prepare themselves accordingly.

Following are some of the activities that the group undertakes as part of the Farmer Training Program:

  • Identifying individuals and agencies desirous of establishing farms.
  • Evaluating space, infrastructure and financial requirements of the farmers.
  • Preparing area specific project reports for establishing poultry farms.

Educating all poultry agencies about the need to be abreast of current trends in the industry and work accordingly for their own success.

Technical services

Srinivasa Hatcheries has a large team of senior veterinarians, with personnel present in every district to provide services to farmers. We provide computerized project reports helping farmers in locating and designing poultry sheds. Computerized feed formulations, disease diagnosis, feed analysis, counsel on prevention and treatment of diseases, liaison between egg traders and poultry farmers etc. are also amongst the services. We take help from PDRC for advanced diagnostic facilities like viral isolation and differential diagnosis, etc. Our central laboratory is headed by a senior veterinarian and supported by microbiologists and chemists. We also have satellite labs for disease diagnosis in different districts.

Srinivasa Hatcheries also has a central feed analytical laboratory and separate satellite feed laboratories in its area of operations, and is equipped with advanced facilities like ELISA equipment for microbiological work and NIR equipment for quick feed analysis. We are closely associated with farmer welfare organizations like NECC and BEPA.

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