In joint partnership with the Telangana Government, retail vegetable stores called Farmpicks/ Mana Kuragayalu have been launched by Srinivasa Farms. Farmpicks is supplying regular and exotic vegetables such as asparagus, avocado, Chinese cabbage, lettuce Green, Lettuce Red etc. and fruits through retail outlets to consumers directly.

Farmpicks was started with a vision to establish the most successful end-to-end supply chain platform in the country thereby taking a step forward in uplifting the face of Indian Agriculture. We have some simple beliefs.

  • The end consumer should be able to know the source of the produce and it’s method of cultivation.

  • The farmers should be able to bypass the multiple layers in the supply chain.

  • A society moving towards healthier consumption and farmers moving towards innovative and technology based agriculture

  • Farming, to be revived as a successful business model, bringing back the educated to farming Farm pick stores where we get vegetable produce directly from farmers & cater to market

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