Integration Business

Integration Business

The integration of the chicken industry and the performance based structure has saved consumers well over $1 trillion since 1980. Over the last five decades of our existence, Srinivasa Farms has relied on its relationships with its stakeholder communities and thrived on them.

More than 90% of all chickens raised for meat in India (broiler chickens) are raised by contract farmers. This independent farmer contract structure is credited with not only saving farming operations, but helping those farms thrive in what was once a struggling industry. In fact, loan default rates of chicken farmers are among the lowest of any segment of agriculture.

Our Company removes approximately 97% of the economic risk from growers, compared to independent growers who bear all of that risk on their own. Our aim is to support the economic viability and independence of a family farm, while ensuring efficiency and consistency in modern poultry production. Srinivasa Farms has successfully been engaging farmers in our Integration (Contract Farming) Business for the last five years.

We provide our contract farmers the chickens, the feed, veterinarian care and technical advice, while our poultry farmer provides the day to day care of the birds, land and housing on which they’re raised, and utilities/maintenance of the housing. Farmers are paid under contract with our company based on their performance in raising the healthiest chickens, which would be clearly outlined in the farmers’ contract as a Performance/Incentive based system. Farmers are paid according to both the quality and quantity of their flock, as well as how efficiently the chickens are raised. This does not, and never will, include the use of added hormones and steroids to get there.

The success of this has inspired us and today we have more than farmers that we have a lasting relationship with. We are consistently identifying new farmers to support our enthusiasm for progression.

If you are a trader, supplier or someone looking to set up your own business through franchisee models, Srinivasa Farms is your answer for realization and growth.

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