Processed Meat Business

Processed Meat Business

Price affordability of poultry meat by a large section of people and absence of religious taboos (unlike in the case of beef and pork) contributed to the rise in chicken consumption in India. Not surprisingly, today poultry meat is preferred to other meat forms considering the advantages of its price, nutritional values – high protein and low fat – and adaptability of the meat to fit into various culinary preferences in all segments of social, cultural and economic activities.

Processing plants are very large, highly mechanized operations. Much of the improvement in industry’s efficiency over the past five decades is due to increasingly automated poultry plants. Srinivasa Farms offers the most complete product range in the processed chicken segment and has in-line poultry processing solutions for all process stages and all processing capacities. Our Chicken Processing plant is a state of art facility with a processing capacity of 1000 birds/hour expandable to 4000 birds/hour.

Chickens are taken directly from the growing farms to the processing plant where they are unloaded from their transport crates or modules, slaughtered, plucked, cleaned, cooled and graded. They are then either packaged and frozen or chilled, or processed further into various products prior to packaging and sale to distributors. Slaughtering is done under veterinary supervision and as per Islamic rites (Halal Process). Stringent quality measures are in place to monitor good manufacturing practices at all steps.

Our poultry processing operations have a systematic preventative approaches to managing food safety risks, with approved and regularly audited Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs in place/ will be in place and also governed by FSSAI norms.

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